It starts in front of the Altar. The image of the ascension of the christ is glittering in gold, bathed by the light that comes from the stained glass. Around you, ancient images and symbols greet you. They transport you to archaic times, when the Christian mythology was formed.

You turn and look around. An immense nave opens before you, a vault that seems to float surreally, supported by twelve columns. One for each apostle. Each for one constellation. You walk among them. The sound of your steps echoes in the whole architecture, melting with the music of prayers from now and then.

You reach the massive wooden door and the world changes. A gallery of images from different centuries rise before you. At your right, a yellow century-old building resembles a Edwardian baroque style. At your right a group of almost-futuristic structures strike your curiosity, inviting you to come in. 

Past, present and future seems to merge around you, complementing each other. Harmony raises from juxtaposed intentions, from different ages and ideals.



We started with a simple corner stone. Just a rock to base everything else. Once we had the corned stone, the basic foundation, it was set in motion. Soon we had two stones, then three, then five, then eight… It grew exponentially. The architecture had begun. 

One stone after the other, the buildings grew, they became functional, they diversified. Every community adapted to their environment. They used whatever was needed to survive their surroundings. The architecture was evolving. 

From simple buildings, nothing from one stone over the other, we grew to complex structures. Elegant solutions guaranteed a succession of improvements. Adaptation, diversification. From one building we grew to many, each different, each unique and perfect on its own way. 

Time is always the charm. The architecture needed a long time to grew, to become what it is today, the promise of what it could be. 

And it al begun with the cornerstone. A protein, a molecule that we have named DNA. That was the foundation for the architecture of everything that breathes in the earth. Every living organism was built upon it. An elegant, living architecture. 

We all are the product of this evolution process. One stone upon the other. We rose the same way we build structures with wood and stone. Time is the escence. A new generation is built over the next. 

And so, we do as we saw. We use brick, stone, steel and glass. We use bits and bites of data. This way we build architectures that evolve the same way. 


A city that is all about light and water, Venice is an incredible contrast between art and functionality. The lion of Saint Mark invites you to enter the most famous place in the city: St. Marcus Square. The Doge’s palace is at your right, and in front of you the campanille rises to the sky, like a spear. Further beyond, Saint Mark’s Basilica one of the most enigmatic churches in Europe welcomes you with gigantic statues and golden mosaics. Completing the square, you’ll meet the cafes with the best coffee in Europe, and the stores that sell the iconic venisian masks.


A name is a brand, an attempt to put an order to the chaotic nature of reality. 

A name is a mean of identification. It really doesn’t say anything real about a person by itself, as it’s usually a generic word used to denote a person. 

However, the actions and individual perspectives of any given person can give a sense of “uniqness” to the name itself. 

My name has a Greek origin and it means “wise”. I reckon its a reflection of my mother’s expectations and how she raised me and my sister, always encouraging us to think beyond. I have always tried to live up to that name. 

There’s a magic in words. An, abstract object comes to conceptual reality when it gets a name. 



They see the world as a whole. Shape, texture, and meaning are one and the same. Everything happens at once. They walk, they hunt, they see. They live and die again. In a brushstroke, All at the same time. One singularity.

She is one of them, and she is painting. Twenty years in the future, her painting is being exposed. Now she is applying shades of earth and sand, working on the painting. Now it hangs in the gallery. Now she’s looking at the empty canvas, right before the first color brushstroke. And she is one of them. 

At the same time, her ancestors are being killed. Massacred. Segregated. Torn apart. That’s happening in the nineteenth century, but that moment is also now. Billions of years before, Gods are creating the earth and the skies and the seas in a brushstroke, and it’s happening at the same very moment as everything else. She can see it. Through her heart, she gazes upon the place where everything happens at the same time. A place that was there before the stars. That place is the Dreamtime. 

In that primal world, the fire of creation is still burning. She engulfs herself in it to transform her ideas into image, mind, and brush set ablaze. She is conveying many different feelings and ideas, some of violence, some about forgiveness. Blood and redemption. Those ideas are being imprinted in many different paintings she did across the decades. She paints in the past, present and many possible futures, but at the same time, she’s painting all of her artwork at the same exact second. She paints textures of the land, and symbols of the Gods. 

The divine rainbow serpent rises at the beginning of time, shaking the earth, creating rivers wherever it goes. People from far away comes and make bridges with stone and steel over those very rivers. At the same moment, but also eons before, the moon is created. Men set their foot on that moon. Machines visit the red Planet. A lone man turned into a God looks at the stars on that planet. Her eyes can see all of this, but her mind can comprehend only a fraction. The knowledge of the gods is not that of men. But her heart can sense the mystery behind it all. 

Wherever she goes, the future goes with her, like a shroud over her shoulders. The days to come become the days that passed. And what once was is still there, interlaced in the Dreamtime. One day everything will cease to exist. With a brushstroke, it all will be created again. 

There was a “Silent Hills” here. it’s gone now.


Last year Konami decided to show us a very interesting teaser, in the most insane, terrifying, though engaging and unanticipated way. they gave us something we were lingering to have since Silent Hill 3. they gave us hope. They gave us Silent Hills. A couple of days ago, they decided to step back and do away with this hope.

I remember playing the first Silent Hill. It was like anything else i’ve played before. It was a terrifying game, in which I experienced for the first time that helplessness  feeling of being exposed and unprotected, vulnerable with the almost useless weaponry of the game gave you. It was this simple “think or die” way of gaming, enriched by a gloomy, scary atmosphere, what remained carved in my memory. A few years later Silent Hill 2 came —my personal favorite—, continuing with the dark, bizarre style, full of challenging puzzles and great story turns, and giving us a great script that followed a different line and different characters than the first instalment. The third game, Silent Hill 3 came about with the same tradition and capturing our imagination. by then, Silent Hill was one of the most popular franchises ever.

P. T. is simply the most scary, mind-blowing, terrifying halway EVER!

Then it all started to change. Konami gave us some spin-off games with not-as-good storylines and graphics, convoluted explanations of events in the main games, and not-so-scary jump scares. It seemed that the creators were trying hard to give some new feel and texture to the franchise, experimenting on different directions. Then, Silent Hill 4 showed more of the same in a long, static and slow-paced game, attempting to cause the notion claustrophobia and surrealism, but failing at ultimately delivering the impression and feel of the first three instalments. There seemed no clear goal about what the franchise was pointing to. Instalment after instalment, we the fans were waiting for that terrifying enchantment of the three first games, and what we got seemed simply not the same.

After all of this hoping and waiting, there came the hope in the form of the P. T. Demo, released last year. It was simply the most terrifying bit of game I’ve played in years —even probably since the second Silent Hill. this incredible, innovating playable teaser  showed us a world of simple but terrifying events using nothing but a simple corridor, repeating itself all over again, but evolving at every step, getting more and more terrifying at every new loop. the consistent and strong script reminded us of the way we used to feel when we played the first Silent Hill instalments. at the end of P. T. —half an hour of gameplay, if you were lucky with the final, non-intuitive puzzle— we were rewarded with the teaser trailer of Silent Hills, a strategical master stroke that made the upcoming instalment one of the most anticipated games of the year. The collaboration of the legendary Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus taking the main role of the game made this project the most exiting news we the Silent Hill fans had in a long, long time.

I’ve seen this picture a lot the last few days, always asking what could have been.

Now the developing events left us with nothing, since it was announced Silent Hills was definitely cancelled, and the P. T. game, removed from the PlayStation Network. This strange, self-destructive move by Konami appears to be part of a series of moves that led to several speculations, including their closure of the console game development division, or even the inevitable doom of the company. Konami allegedly will keep developing Silent Hill games in the not-so-near future, but as even Del Toro and Reedus confirmed, Silent Hills is definitively dead. This news are indeed a huge “sucker punch” in the heart of the fans, who have been expecting this new take of the franchise for decades. the sad thing is that, no matter what konami would release for Silent Hill in the next years, we will always have the “what could have been” notion in our minds, after being teased with this all-star fantastic possibility and ultimately being blown away, in the same way that after all this time, people still have in their subconscious mind that Superman Lives project that never was. We’ll just have to wait for more several years and see what the future departs for the Silent Hill franchise. in the meantime, i personally hope that Kojima can find a creative space outside Konami, so he can develop deliver the games he want, the way he wants.

Let me know what you think about this. Are you a hurt Silent Hill fan like me?